Self Massage & Somatics Workshops


Self Massage & Somatics Workshop:

at Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance
Jan. 20th  5:30-7:00pm

This hour and and a half workshop is designed for anyone that experiences chronic pain, muscle soreness or tension, neck pain, muscle holding patterns, “knots” that don’t go away, and anyone interested in carpal tunnel prevention, tight hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, or just highly stressed.

You will learn self massage techniques using a yoga block, tennis ball, wooden dowel and your own body. These tools are invaluable if you travel frequently, sit for your career, are very active or sedentary. Self massage increases blood flow, increases oxygen to tissue and flushes out lactic acid in the muscles and connective tissues. You will also learn Somatic Exercises that helps “Unwind” held tension and deep habitual patterns.

**No Experience Necessary. Bring a tennis ball if you have one.
contact Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance at 530-587-3769 for registration and questions.

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