Class Descriptions

Prajna means “insight” or wisdom gained from direct experience. Prajna Yoga weaves together three elements: alignment based asana, anatomy illumination and wisdom teachings. The practice is dynamic, therapeutic and deeply grounding. Each class is intelligently sequenced to allow the body to open and strengthen without strain. Classes are all levels and provide challenge for experienced students and modifications for those requiring more support. Learn more here


This class brings the heart of practice to the forefront.  We will practice seated silent meditation as well as Walking Meditation to bring mindfulness into every day life. Silent seated meditation to helps students to “drop in,” reflect and quiet the mind. Silent meditation and the practice of Dhyana Yoga (sustained, unbroken practice) helps one develop “staying power” of practice both on and off the mat.


This class brings the meditative sounds of Crystal Healing Chakra Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, drums, bells, wind wands and gongs into a gentle, Restorative Yoga blend. The vibratory and healing properties of the crystal bowls helps you to drop into each yoga pose even deeper, dropping you into your Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest & digest) where we do all of our rejuvenation and healing. This class is an experience and you will find yourself feeling rested, renewed, rejuvenated and at total  complete peace.


Yoga For Recovery is a blend of Restorative Yoga poses, self massage techniques, body wisdom, Somatic Awareness techniques as well as addressing the specific needs of each individual. It helps each person to design a home practice of self care that is needed to release the daily stresses and challenges of life as well as help speed up recovery of injuries. This class builds strength, balance, a deep calm and a Full Body Awareness.

Yoga props such as blocks, bolsters, chairs, the wall, straps, and blankets will be used to support the body in each pose to access allow the body to open up into each pose. Using the breath to soften into the asana and having courage to try something new will bring the body to a place of deep relief. We have many “Aha moments” in this practice.

“Do not use your mind to overcome by force: you must fit into the ancient grooves naturally.”

~ Hermit of Lotus Flower Peak