Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage is designed to relieve specific areas of concern, injury recovery, scar tissues mobilization, and to release deep held patterns of tension. The benefits of therapeutic massage can help increase range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation, increase blood & lymph flow, and allow you to get back to enjoying life. Kathy’s 20 yrs of Bodywork & anatomy training and acute sensitive touch, assures that you will receive a massage that is of the highest quality in the area.

Therapeutic Massage ~ 60 mins     $85
Therapeutic Massage ~ 90 mins     $125
Therapeutic Massage ~ 120 mins   $165


Self Massage


Self Massage Techniques includes foam rolling, using lacrosse and tennis balls, yoga blocks, wooden dowels and your own body. This can be taught in a private session or a 2 Hour Workshop for groups.

With self massage you mainly want to normalize muscle tension and eliminate tender and trigger points. In order to do so, you have to “communicate” with your nervous system as it is the control station for your muscular tone. You do that by applying mechanical force on your muscle while focusing the massage exclusively on tight and/or tender areas. If you work fast or imprecise – just rubbing around –, your brain will simply not be able to properly detect excessive tension, nor will you be able feel the tiny trigger points.

Kathy teaches you to effectively massage your own body using the above tools to relieve tension, reduce pain and fatigue, increase range of motion and just get on with enjoying  life! When you have less discomfort and suffering, you can better serve others in your life. These techniques should be done daily and become part of your practice for optimal effects and relief.