Roots Yoga & Sound

Roots Yoga & Sound is an approach to blending yoga postures that are used in for treating injury while we support the body by using yoga props, teaching self massage techniques, discovering new ways to approach yoga asana as well as deeply listening to your own needs.  This method allows you to soften into the poses rather than moving too quickly. We will hold poses for a length of time (3-5 min), flushing the fluid system, organs and connective tissues.

This brings confidence, courage and strength and enables you to release the tension that comes with life’s every day stresses and challenges.

We will learn how to listen to your whole body. Your Soma or “living body” sends you clues to become more body aware. Whether it is awakening parts of your body that are numb or even softening areas that have been holding chronic tension or pain for years, or releasing old habits and postural imbalances, you can transform your whole being.