Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) first emerged in the beaches of Hawaii in the 1960s and began to make inroads on the mainland about 10 years ago. Aside from the coasts, it is particularly popular on urban waterways, where it provides a unique vantage point from which to interact with city life while skimming past it. Standing erect at the water’s surface level gives you the feeling, and appearance, of walking on water. It gives you a great vantage point to see marine life below. It’s also a great way to get fit, as you work the legs and core to stay up on the board and the arms and back to propel yourself. The board is broad and stable enough that someone got the wonderful idea of treating it like a floating yoga mat, and SUP Yoga was born. (From

What is a SUP Yoga class? In a SUP Yoga class, the teacher will lead students through a series of yoga postures on the stand-up paddle board, each posture with modifications for the student’s level of experience. On boards, students can feel how the alignment and actions of the yoga poses create balance which is necessary to stay on the board. Doing yoga on the board, you use deep intrinsic muscles for stabilization since the floor is always moving! The peace and fluidity of doing yoga on the water can only be described as a “Dance on the Waves of Infinity.”

**SUP Yoga will begin by appointment after June 2nd at Donner Lake docks.

 SUP Yoga: Classes limited to 6 people

$25 per person plus equipment rental ~ 90 min class with 60 mins on the board in the water, 30 mins of safety instruction on beach & warm up.

(Boards run $10-15 per hour)

5 Elements Yoga (beach yoga)

5 Elements or Beach Yoga gives you the outdoor element of sun, wind, sand and water and breath. Being on the beach and hearing the water lapping at the shore, ducks or wild geese flying by, the wind gently blowing, your feet in the warm sand and your breath, ebbing and flowing with the water is definitely an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. All levels welcome and no yoga experience needed.

5 Elements Beach Yoga Private: Groups of 4 or less
Great for Couples, Honeymooners, Women’s Weekend!

**All equipment is provided, just show up with comfortable clothes, sunscreen & water.

$30 per person ($55 per couple)  ~  60 mins

$50 per person ($85 couple)  ~  90 mins

5 Elements Group Beach Yoga Class: Groups of 5 or more

$20 per person (up to 10 people) ~ 60 mins

$30 per person (up to 10 people) ~ 90 mins