“Kathy’s yoga comes from a place of warmth, care and creativity. She has a keen eye for the body and has a skillful touch to guide students inward toward their very center.  Without I doubt, I recommend Kathy for her gifted touch, understanding of the body and wise directions.”  ~ Tias Little, Prajna Yoga Santa Fe, NM

“Kathy has an exuberance in her personality and a fire for adventure in life.  She moves at, and inspires, the appropriate pace given the path before her.  I appreciate the depth of Kathy’s knowledge and will always benefit from her unwavering effort to promote self knowledge as the power to heal and understand the world, within yourself and your community.”  ~ S. Mudge Leadville, CO

“I love taking yoga classes from Kathy. I used to do yoga many years ago and when my teacher moved away I couldn’t find another like him nearby so I gave up and only did yoga at home. Kathy was my roommate at the time and we had multiple conversations about what I needed in an instructor and she agreed with me. She is very hands on in her classes which is what I was really looking for. I started going to Kathy’s classes in the last couple years and found exactly the class and the instructor I had been missing for a long time. She is very careful to not overwork you and loves to educate you on body alignment. She also understands that we all have asymmetry(weakness and strengths) in our bodies and she is able to work around that without making you feel like your not keeping up with the class. There is also talking and laughter in the class which makes it feel more like a team effort. You get more comfortable with every one and I don’t feel isolated like I have in other classes.”  ~ B. Buckles Truckee, CA

“I have known Kathy Muller Albers since about 2004 and have been sincerely improved by the association. When Kathy opened her yoga studio in our city of Leadville, I began to attend and was extremely happy with the instruction I received. As a lifelong cyclist with a perhaps typical antipathy towards stretching, I arrived at those classes very debilitated and needed an instructor who could work with a person who was essentially less than zero. Kathy proved to be the perfect instructor to break me out of years of neglect and help me onto the path of whole body health and fitness. During the two years or so that I attended the studio Kathy continued to educate, instruct and vary our routines in a deepening way so that my knowledge was always improving, and I was consistently challenged as well. I miss the chance to receive instruction of that caliber today. I wholly recommend her as a competent, caring and knowledgeable partner in any pursuit towards health movement and fitness.”  ~ F. Spaziani Leadville, CO

 “I met Kathy in 2009 during my first Prajna Yoga training and noticed right away her high spirits, humor and fearlessness. We trained together at Prajna and were roommates on at least five more occasions.  Kathy definitely picks up where others let off and has an amazing “can do” attitude.  Coming to yoga as a second career, I was always one of the older students in class and I appreciated that this mattered not at all to Kathy.  She supported and encouraged me and her being there made a great difference in my experience, particularly in the early sessions together.   Kathy was someone to lean on and she helped me be more brave than I really am.  She is bright, funny and one heck of a driver, too!”  ~ J. Burkholder Sisters, OR