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Soma, Sound & Soak:  Nourishing the Fluid Body
Oct. 14th & 15th
Sierra Hot Springs
Sierraville, CA

Call Kathy at (719) 293-4937 or email to register

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When we fall out of harmony with ourselves or our world – when we are overwhelmed, tapped out, our well is dry – our fluid body becomes constricted, sticky, sluggish. We are parched and we need to quench the deep thirst within.

Our nervous system is fried from all of the external stimulus and the input of sound waves overstimulating our ears and eyes. We all require nourishment to replenish, to rehydrate, to reconnect to our Subtle Bodies, our Inner Light of the Soul.
~We will explore how we can tap into our deep well of nourishment through gentle movements that coax the opening of the body, instead of through force. Somatic movement is slow, soft and small that allows our body to gently open and become part of a whole integrated system. Being in the Flow of Life, we move with more ease, more sukha (sweetness).
~We will discover through Sound and Voice how to access our subtle bodies (thoughts, emotions, and states of consciousness) and help keep them free of toxicity. Though Chant and Mantra Chanting we release the spell that binds it to a hardened Ego. Expansion is the true nature of the soul.
~We will dive into the peaceful surroundings of the healing Waters of Life. By immersing into water, we return to the womb, the interstitial fluid of the cells and we are born anew. We will soften the edges, cleanse the body and purify the soul.

Oct. 14-15th Sat & Sun
Soma, Sound & Soak: Nourishing the Fluid Body
Taught by Kathy Albers ERYT500, LMT

Price: $325 early bird before Sept. 30th, $350 after Oct. 1st

Schedule: 8:30 – 5:00pm Sat & Sun *can register for each class individually:
Sat: Oct 14th   8:30-11:30am – Somatic Fluidity & Chant with Bowls – $70 per person
Sat: Oct 14th   1:00-5:00pm – Restorative Yoga & Finding Your Voice – $100 per person
Sun: Oct 15th  8:30-11:30am – Somatic Sound Bath & Mantra Chants – $70
Sun: Oct 15th  1:00-5:00pm – Opening the Heart Chakra & Chanting for Peace – $100
~ Morning Meditation and Yoga
~ Walking Meditation in Nature
~ Daily Chanting & Discussion
~ Daily Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls, Wind Wands, Drum, Guitar & Gong and Voice
(** 16 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance)
What is included:
~ Free Camping at campgrounds or indoors in cozy yoga space
~ Full use of Sierra Hot Springs and sauna 24 hrs a day (clothing optional)
~ Use of commercial kitchen for meals (please bring your own food & storage)
~ Discounted room rates & spa services
(**for room reservations & camping contact
~ Organic Restaurant open Fri 4:30-9pm, Sat & Sun 12:30-9pm

Call Kathy at (719) 293-4937 or email to register

Register online HERE